Gucci Brown Diaper Bag

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0"L x 0"W x 0"H
Item #: 1235337

Gucci Diaper bag ! 100% authentic ! Made in Italy ! Only needs dry cleaning ! Worn only 5-6 times ! Very minor signs of wear which will go away after dry cleaning, it will look brand new ! Message me if you have more questions .

Price - firm !

Note: if you buy this item with bad intentions , such us E check that is not valid, DON't WASTE YOUR TIME ! The transaction will not get approved unless I get paid in advance ... I , myself will cancel the sale if it takes more than 2-3 business days.
Why am I writing this because I had few cases like this here . This bag was sold out and was out of my closet for 10 days because some "smart" person tried to fool Tradesy ! If this bag gets sold , I personally will contact Tradesy and make sure they don't sell the bag to the previous buyer who provided invalid E check and the check never got cleared . PEOPLE, this is a legit web site , not your local craigslist dealers that you think you can fool with your pay pal transactions ! Don't do dirty business here ! You might get caught !

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