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Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit Scarlet
Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit Scarlet
Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit Scarlet
Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit Scarlet

Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit Scarlet

Louis Vuitton M93684 Monogram Vernis Bleu Nuit ScarletProduct Name:Wilshire Boulevard
Model ID:M93684
Series:Monogram Vernis
Style:Top Handles
Size:11.8" x 7.1" x 4.3"

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