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Benefits of Online Prescription
Electronic prescribing has grown to support the complex health care systems in North America since it came into existence in 2003 through the Medicare Modernization Act, which did not issue a standard of implementation and application of this method, yet 91% of the pharmacies have already implemented it to their operations and through this technological advancement, traditional problems like safety and prescription errors have been solved through the use of software that scan for the accuracy of dosages and interaction of drugs with each other, which has been well explained in the following advantages of e-prescribing.
To start with, there is a raise in the safety of patients when the e-prescription is upheld, an issue that have proved to be dominant in the past, which can be proved by considering that there have been more than 2 million adverse drug events in North America and this requires an allocation of $4 million, which can be instead avoided by moving away from issues like misinterpretation of the written prescription, double therapy, incorrect or unavailable dosages, or skipping of vital information, whose identification can lead to a bottleneck in the system because time has to be spent while communication takes place between the providers and the pharmacy, and this system provides a software that prompts the provider to confirm the dosage, confirm allergies that may exist, and to check the reactions and relations between the drugs and themselves.
The second advantage of e-prescription is that it reduces the costs incurred during the prescription of drugs and its effects as it has been proved by a trial that evaluated the impact of software during prescription of drugs, and showed financial benefits to be among the results with an average of less than $4.12 per patient, a number which is much less compared to that incurred when the patients acquire a handwritten prescription from the providers and this came by alerting the providers about less expensive therapy option available, recommended the use of the current therapies before allowing a transaction to happen, and the excessively expensive treatment options.
The last benefit of e-prescription comes in the easy access of the records that the software used offers which makes the electronic management of records useful, like it was the case in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina whereby the needed patient medical information, that was urgently needed, was easily accessed and extracted by the use of a network called Sure Script, which connects almost all the pharmacies in the US, and this system also shows its importance in cases where there is a drug recall because the records can easily extract the patients who had purchased the drug and be contacted so that they may bring them back.
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