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Facts About Post Construction Cleaning

Many people have resorted to doing house renovations this season. Outdated tiles, dirty sinks, and toilets, old kitchen appliances are some of the things that warrant a home renovation. Post-construction cleaning must be done to enable one to enjoy their home improvements. The post-construction cleaning is usually done in a newly renovated house to make it habitable. In such a cleaning, a lot of work must be put in . People with respiratory issues such as asthma, therefore, should be careful when engaging in such cleaning. The people involved in the cleaning should also wear protective clothing such as masks and gloves to protect them from dust and chemicals that will be used in the cleaning.

When starting out on the post-construction cleaning, one should open all the windows in the house. All this is in an effort to reduce the problems that might come from this cleaning. Be it winter or summer, the opening of windows will allow the free flow of air into the house. Permitting air to flow in the house will reduce the amount of dust in the house as well as lessen the strength of the cleaning chemicals. If some woodwork and plasterwork had been done during the construction, the airflow will also reduce these smells.

After allowing sufficient airflow, sweeping should be done next. That is because when sweeping, dust particles tend to float away and stick to different surfaces around the house. When one decides to dust before sweeping, they will have to dust the surfaces again since as said before, sweeping will lead to the dust resettling on the already dusted surfaces. After sweeping, one is free to start dusting everything in the house. Old rags are less efficient to use than when one decides to clean using microfiber cloths to dust. After wiping down, one should then leave the room to enable the dust particles to settle down.

Vacuuming on the carpet should be started after around ten minutes of waiting for the dust to settle. The carpet fibers can end up having static that attracts the dust fibers in the air and lead to their accumulation. A low speed should be set on the vacuum cleaner to ensure it collects as much dust as possible as opposed to setting it at a high speed and missing large amounts of dust.

Vacuuming again as well as wiping down all the surfaces in the house, including the air vents will ensure thorough completion of the post-construction cleaning. All this sounds like a lot of work to be done in a short span of time and although it just might be a lot to handle, it will ultimately lead to a relaxed atmosphere in your new improved home.

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