One of My Trees Was Riddled with Disease

When I went to my sister’s house not long ago, I was amazed at how nice her yard looked. This was not to say that it never looked nice before, because it certainly did. However, I could tell that she had done some landscaping changes, including to her three big trees. I could tell something was different, and she told me that she had contracted a tree service to prune them for her. Seeing her trees and how they were transformed was all I needed to look into my own tree services in Asheville NC, which is where I live.

I had never considered this before because I had never known anyone who had their trees pruned. After seeing how much nicer pruning made my sister’s trees, I was a firm believer. I was able to contract a local tree services company to come out and look at the trees on my property. I was excited about getting them pruned, but I was not expecting to hear the news that I received. One of my trees was dying from disease, and I was not even aware of this. It looked the same to me, but the man from the tree company showed me on the trunk the fungus that was taking over.

Up close, it was very evident, and I asked him if the tree could be saved. Because it was caught fairly early, he was optimistic about the treatment options. While that tree was getting treated for disease, he went ahead and pruned all of them. The difference is truly night and day, and they all look so much healthier and more vibrant because of this. Even the tree that was riddled with disease is bouncing back and looking much better, so calling the tree pruner out truly did save my trees!

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