Renovations Never Go As Planned

For my birthday, my husband surprised me with a kitchen renovation. He was willing to give me the kitchen of my dreams. New cabinets, painted walls, quartz counters and updated appliances were all part of his gift. This dream did not include calling the emergency plumbing company in New Jersey but I had to anyway.

We picked out the cabinets and counters I wanted. I even got the fancy drawers with the dividers to make organizing every thing easier. I wanted the walls a pale yellow to create a happy, inviting space. We got to work painting the walls first. After we got that done, we began putting in my beautiful new quartz counters. Part of the way through, I decided that the sink should be moved.

My husband didn’t think this would cause a huge issue. However, we didn’t think it through. As he disconnected the sink, he somehow broke the waterline. Water started going everywhere. It was soaking my new cabinets and the freshly painted walls. He ran to turn off the main water valve and I began searching for an emergency plumbing company in New Jersey.

The plumber showed up fixed the busted line. Since he was there, we decided it was best if we paid him to help us move the sink to it’s new location and install the new dishwasher. I’m glad we did because it was not as simple as we originally thought it would be. There were a lot more steps involved.

I now know that when we decide to do any more major changes, we should consult professionals before we start. It could’ve saved us a huge amount of stress if we had. I should probably go ahead and set up an appointment for when I want to redo our master bathroom.

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